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Your Winchester Family Dentist for All Your Loved Ones

portrait of happy mixed family at homeAt the dental office of Frank J Varanelli, DDS, we know how important your family's oral health is to you. Our team has created an environment that is family-friendly and equipped to handle even challenging dental issues. From the age of eighteen months to the senior members of your family, we have the experience you can trust to provide care to any age.

Your time is important to us. We gladly schedule visits for multiple family members during the same day, so you have more time to pursue what matters to you. The smiles and dental health of your entire family are always our chief concerns when you're with us. If you're looking for a family dentist in Winchester, we're the friendly team you can rely on. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


Dental Services Designed with the Entire Family in Mind

Our team values the ability to offer you a wide variety of services and prioritizes our continuous education, so you're always getting the latest and most beneficial care. We customize each of our treatments to fit your family's individual needs and give you the bright and healthy smile you've always wanted. Some of our services include:

Why Choose our Family Dentist in Winchester?

Your teeth, gums, and jaws never stop changing as you grow. Our Winchester family dentist uses his vast knowledge to customize treatments to fit your unique smile. We can also keep an eye on common medical and dental issues that occur between multiple family members. This allows us to offer effective treatments and prevent severe problems from developing. All of our care is designed to be as proactive as possible to protect your smile and overall health.

Gentle and Reliable Care for Children

little girl visiting family dentistBy starting a routine of good oral hygiene, along with regular dental visits, we can lay a strong foundation of oral health for your children. Our team knows that many dental fears and anxieties are formed early and works hard to make your kids feel welcome and safe when they're with us. Dr. Varanelli uses age-appropriate language to engage your children, encouraging them to ask questions and demonstrating dental tools and equipment. We want them to look forward to going to the dentist without any hesitations or fears.

With regular dental visits, we can chart their growth and address any orthodontic needs immediately. Should your child experience a more complex dental issue, you will be referred to a trusted local specialist. We also perform frenectomies in our office.

Exceptional Dental Care for Teens

As your teen ages and their teeth and jaw development enters the final stages of growth, it is vitally important to maintain their optimal oral health to prevent long-term dental issues. We closely monitor jaw alignment and teeth placement to correct problems quickly. Our Winchester family dentist is trained in orthodontics and oral surgery, including wisdom tooth extraction. Should your teen need more advanced care, we will refer you to a trusted orthodontist or specialist. We also provide sports guards to protect the smile of your active teen.

Advanced Dental Care for Adults and Seniors

Dr. Varanelli knows that challenges faced by adults and seniors can be influenced by aging, medications, and systemic diseases. We offer advanced treatment options to help keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Our team is there when you need us, so we provide a private number where you can reach Dr. Varanelli for quick advice and treatments. Some of the services we offer for adults and seniors include:

Extractions– Though we do everything we can to save your natural teeth, occasionally, the only way to preserve your oral health is to remove a severely damaged or decayed tooth. Our well-trained dentist performs precise and effective extractions to maintain your well-being.

Dental Implants – If you are missing one or more teeth, our Winchester family dentist has extensive experience restoring your smile with dental implants. He will surgically place a titanium implant post into your jaw and then affix a natural feeling and looking artificial tooth atop to complete your smile.

Root Canal Therapy – When a tooth is painful and has an infection, the best way to eliminate the diseased tissue is to perform root canal therapy. Our dentist will remove the infected tooth pulp by using a special dental tool and then place a crown over the tooth to restore health and function.

Sleep Apnea Treatments – We know a good night's rest is crucial to your overall health and well-being. We assess your overall oral health, including monitoring for snoring, bruxism, and TMJ issues, and develop a treatment plan for helping you sleep better and safer.

Gum Disease Treatments – The health of your gums can significantly impact your risk level for developing related systemic diseases. We closely monitor your gum health while also keeping you well-educated on how to keep your gums healthy. With procedures like scaling and root planing, our team can help you keep your gums healthy by treating and managing existing gum disease.

Your Trusted Winchester Family Dentistry Practice

At the dental office of Frank J. Varanelli, DDS, we take treating your entire family seriously by providing reliable and friendly care to each member. Our team is dedicated to helping you and your family achieve a lifetime of healthy smiles. If you're looking for a family dentist in Winchester, you can count on us to solve even the most difficult dental conditions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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